Poles Stick Together

Polish Diaspora

This project is designed to strengthen national pride and identity among the Polish diaspora all over the world. It places the idea of heritage, tradition and culture in the limelight, while simultaneously encouraging Poles living abroad to keep learning about Poland and its prospects for tomorrow. The main focus is put on a successful mentoring relationship between our foundation and mentees who are actively engaged in the country's promotion among the diaspora.

In particular, Poles Stick Together reaches national media employees who are in charge of media content planning and implementation. It is also aimed at activists of Polish diaspora organisations that carry out educational initiatives to boost a shared sense of belonging. Furthermore, our mentorship is of great help to persons and entities who organise study tours to Poland. Last but not least, Polish entrepreneurs based abroad benefit from the project participation.

Poles Stick Together assists the mentees in drafting a media programme agenda, which strongly appeals to the Polish diaspora. Likewise, it gets behind the mentees who plan an event or a publication on topics relevant to Poles living abroad. This project also backs the mentees who organise study tours to Poland by preparing packages to offer authentic experiences. In addition, Polish entrepreneurs can rely on our practical help with branding Polish-made products.

Poles Stick Together lasts two years, starting from January 2019. It is based on an online mentoring partnership to reach beneficiaries from different parts of the world and to stay agile throughout the project duration. The participating persons and entities can consult our foundation on an ad-hoc basis or agree on a long-term cooperation that best suits their needs. Upon request or as part of a joint venture, we also offer in-person trainings and coaching sessions.