NPO Creates Polska

NPO Executives

This project is designed to upskill the Polish non-profit managers inside the country and to improve their practical competence in nation branding. Thanks to that, they can incorporate the most effective nation branding tools into their organisation's activities, while simultaneously fostering their own brand's growth. NPO Creates Polska is a unique project that combines non-profit brand development with true civic engagement towards a strong Polska nation brand.

An integral part of this project is troaching that encompasses both executive training and coaching. Our executive training builds nation branding skills and gives hands-on experience. It also provides the latest marketing knowledge and relevant tools needed for the country's promotion in the non-profit sector. Our executive coaching is aimed at supporting key non-profit managers in their planning and decision-making process. It motivates and helps counter fears.

NPO Creates Polska is of great benefit to non-profit entities that care about the country's promotion in their everyday work. In particular, this applies to organisations that provide tourist and travel services, strengthen national identity, boost entrepreneurial spirit and encourage Polish young creative talents. Moreover, our foundation dedicates mentorship to non-profits that are involved in developing smart city technology and other innovations that will shape the future.

NPO Creates Polska lasts two years, starting from January 2019. It is based on a series of in-person executive trainings held in a small group environment around the country. In contrast, executive coaching sessions are conducted on an ad-hoc basis and when requested by non-profit entities or individual managers. They may be web-based or face-to-face, depending on needs expressed. This project is financed from our foundation budget and partnerships.