Make My Brand Fly

Young Creators
This project is designed to support Polish talented students and young graduates who are developing their own branded products and businesses in and outside the country. Our support includes brand coaching, enterprise consulting, marketing training and resources planning. This approach allows us to offer a complete package of integrated solutions at all stages of brand and business development. We want self-confident creators with highly competitive prospects. Make My Brand Fly operates in an agile way by providing room for improvement and adaptation to individual needs and expectations expressed by the selected mentee. It combines one-to-one brand coaching with ad-hoc enterprise consulting on the one hand, web-based marketing training and practice-oriented resources planning on the other hand. This project finishes with a Young Brand Award. It is financed from our foundation budget and partnerships.

Make My Brand Fly lasts two years, starting from January 2019. It is dedicated to Weronika Ostrowska-Fejdasz, an aspiring fashion designer from Bytom in southern Poland. As a recent graduate from the Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz with bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, she is going to continue her education and professional training. As our mentee, Weronika Ostrowska-Fejdasz is given support on her way towards a new fashion brand "Faydash".

This talented fashion designer has a proven track record of success, with many accomplishments during national fashion design contests and projects carried out as part of the Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz. The first prize in the 2017 contest by Loft Aparts for the best hotel uniform design is just one of many success stories of Weronika Ostrowska-Fejdasz. The secret of her success lies in her passion, enthusiasm and huge determination to achieve big goals.