At a Glance

Branding Polska is an independent, non-partisan and non-ideological foundation that specialises in nation brand communication. It is based in Warsaw, but it operates worldwide with flagship activities designed to increase the nation brand visibility. Since its launch in 2015, Branding Polska stays committed to its founding mission and values.

Our Philosophy

The idea behind the foundation is enclosed in its name: Branding Polska means giving nation brand the ultimate boost. In particular, Branding Polska is keen on presenting Poland as a place for investment and business development, a space that supports innovation, a destination for business tourism, and a partner in international economic relations.

A long-term vision of Branding Polska is: Strong Poland as a nation brand and a business place that sparks creativity and innovation. To achieve this vision, the foundation follows three core principles during everyday operations: strategic agility to leverage change, environmental awareness to save natural resources and individual approach to meet beneficiaries' needs.

Main Activities

Branding Polska concentrates on a few flagship activities that include short- and medium-term projects, promotional and public awareness campaigns, brand-related events and exhibitions. In addition, the foundation takes patronages over relevant initiatives and conducts own research on nation branding as a strategy to reposition country image.

A special attention is given to entrepreneurship development that translates into new national brands and businesses. Moreover, Branding Polska promotes Polish cities and regions as emerging destinations for MICE tourism. Last but not least, the foundation encourages civic dialogue and engagement to make common cause in nation branding.