At a Glance

We are a foundation built by Agnieszka Ewa Pyrzyk while working as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, and officially launched in Warsaw on 24 March 2015. The idea behind the foundation is enclosed in its name: Branding Polska means to us giving the nation brand the ultimate boost with a number of measures, resulting in its great visibility across the globe.

In particular, we promote Polska as a competitive player in domestic and international markets. We also present it as an attractive tourist destination that offers unique experiences, leaving their marks on visitors. What is more, we stress the role of Polska as an integral partner in international relations based on dialogue, mutual respect, cooperation and common interests.

In addition to our public diplomacy activities designed to foster the Polska nation brand, we provide mentorship to people who positively contribute to the country's reputation through their professional work and civic engagement. Our main beneficiaries include Polish talented brand creators, non-profit executives and national diaspora representatives all over the world.

Last but not least, we encourage young citizens' participation in discussion and thought on how to strengthen the Polska nation brand. For this purpose, we organise a set of events and local community gatherings in diverse regions of the country. Their common focus lies on giving a space for ideas that will shape the future. Our motto: There are no limits to creativity.

But we not only care about what we do. Right from the start, we also pay a lot of attention to our work process and a healthy team culture that determine our success. There are three principles we stick to and will never give up: our work 4.0 concept based on digitalisation, environmental awareness in the workplace, and apolitical attitude to allow all voices to be heard.