Brand Design project

We provide strongly tailored brand design services to national and foreign business entities that are going to change the 'look and feel' of their brands or to build a new brand identity. Our broad spectrum of brand design services includes but is not limited to creating responsive websites with a clean and professional design, business logotypes and logomarks for a strong brand appeal, impactful press kits for printed and online use, social media pages that grab target audience's attention, eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years, and SEO content to optimize websites for desired search, traffic & conversion results. All brand design services are provided by our experienced graphic designer:)


Brand Research
Public Relations

3-Step Approach

  • Making of Contact
  • Draft Proposal
  • Preparations

Logo Design

PLN 1500 netto
  • Preparation of 4 logo draft proposals
  • 1 Professional brand logo realisation
  • Comprehensive brand book for logo
  • Brand colour scheme and typefaces
  • DTP and print publishing preparation
  • * We demand VAT on all our services

Web Design

PLN 8500 netto
  • 1 Responsive website or blog design
  • Tailored web administration manual
  • Brand colour scheme and typefaces
  • SEO content with branded keywords
  • 15 Stock images or vectors package
  • * We demand VAT on all our services

The service prices we have calculated here are indicative only, as they will depend on individually adjusted brand solutions chosen by our beneficiaries. They may vary over time as well as due to sale arrangements. Also, this prospectus does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code and is not binding!


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