Brand Mentorship

We provide brand mentorship to talented young designers and artists, being citizens of Poland, who have been developing their own brands from the very beginning of their creative studies. This project includes mentorship in brand identity building, brand development and management trainings, along with financial and promotional support. Our services are free of charge for mentees.

Since May 2015, our mentee has been WERONIKA FEJDASZ, a student at Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź who is honing her skills in fabrics printing, fashion and shoe design. She is also building her brand "FAYDASH".

Fashion Design 85%

Graphic Design 55%

Fabrics Printing 25%

Fine Art Design 70%

Shoe Design 40%


Our brand mentorship accompanies mentees to take steps that are essential for planning and smooth implementation of creative brand development strategy.


Our brand development and management trainings provide high-quality knowledge as well as practical tips on how to create and maintain a successful brand identity.  


Our financial and promotional support is supposed to facilitate the launching of design-oriented projects and the collection of resources needed to start a creative brand.


Academy Projects

Consumer Fashion

The major part of Weronika Fejdasz' creative work is consumer fashion design. Of particular interest for her is youth & women's fashion characterised by the bold and expressive style, vivid colours and different types  of  textile products  and  elements.

Edge Fashion

In addition to consumer fashion, Weronika Fejdasz gives herself over to edge fashion that allows her to use a lot of creativity and various techniques. One of them is trashion being created from found, thrown-out  or  recycled  materials  and  elements.

Shoe & Bag Design

The new field of Weronika Fejdasz' creative work is shoe design by using high-quality leather as well as other materials needed to make on-trend colourful shoes. Occasionally, she also designs a wide range of accessories,  incl. bags and backpacks for youth.